Boost Your Immunity During Pregnancy

There are enormous changes in our immune system during pregnancy. If it wasn’t the case, the body would have attacked the baby as an alien object. The changes in our immune system make us tougher against some conditions, but less likely to fight against others. When you’re not pregnant, if you experience some loose poo normally or a funny tummy, it may have grave consequences while you’re pregnant. The matters become more complex when you’re told to avoid antibiotics at all costs during pregnancy. 

So, what to do? Boost your immunity with good food. It really helps!

Immunity during Pregnancy

The infections you’re more prone to during pregnancy are urinary tract infections, toxoplasmosis, flu, and common cold. This is not to scare you or give you stress but just so you become more cautious.   

According to research, the most important ways to boost your immunity are healthy gut microbiota. However, make sure you meet your micronutrient needs like Zinc and vitamin C.

Include the below given foods in your diet to fulfill essential micronutrients requirements and maximize your gut microbiota.

1. Cow’s milk

Lactoferrin is a compound found in cow’s milk. It boosts immunity as it interrupts the interaction between body cells and viral cells. This makes viruses less capable of attacking your body.

2. Green tea

 Green tea contains compounds called catechins and theanine. These compounds help in prevention of influenza by enhancing the functioning of your immune system. 

3. Mixed nuts

Just 2 Brazil nuts are sufficient to fulfill your selenium needs. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E. selenium as well as vitamin E are rich antioxidants. These two prevent the immune cells from damage. Moreover, nuts are simply fantastic for your gut microbiota.

4. Garlic

Including 4-5 cloves in your daily life decreases the risk of common cold. This happens due to the antimicrobial properties of a compound named allicin that is present in garlic. It is also a good food for your microbiota.

 5. Kiwi

 Though vitamin C is very important for a healthy immune system yet we need to know that we need it in limited quantities. One kiwi is able to give you half of your every day vitamin C requirements and it is tastier than a supplement.

6. Sweet potato

An important role is played by vitamin A in the immune system. Half a cup of sweet potato provides all of your every day vitamin A requirements.

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