How Sleep Is Related To Weight Loss?

Sometimes when you’re trying for weight loss or weight maintenance, your calorie intake or workout may not be the root cause. Your sleep may be the root cause. Scientists have conducted so many studies to establish a relationship between poor sleep and weight loss.

The persistent lack of sleep can alter how sugar level is processed by your body and controls the hormones that manage hunger and appetite.

There are some researches that reveal if you sleep for six hours or less, you get more prone to weight gain and if it is chronic, it can result in you becoming obese.

Hormone Leptin naturally increases at night. It stops you from getting hungry. Staying up late at night doesn’t let Leptin to rise, resulting in late night cravings.
This can lead to unwise or unhealthy food choices or skipping your exercise. If you had taken proper rest, you wouldn’t have behaved in such a way. 

The genes which control every rhythm of your body also play a significant role in energy storage and metabolism. lack of sleep or no sleep at all disturbs these rhythms. As a result, more energy will be used as fat without using it.

On the other side of the coin, proper sleep helps your body maintain metabolism, control food cravings, and make wise food choices.

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