How Stress Becomes A Factor in Weight Gain?

Gone are the days when stress was an occasional affair but now it has become a part of the lifestyle.  You’re surrounded with deadly deadlines at work, all sorts of gatherings at home, and a to-do list you’re least interested in. Facing a constant stress in your head or in reality affects your body really badly. Your body becomes more susceptible to depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. The duration of stress doesn’t matter, even if it is just for a few days, it’ll harm your body, mind and behavior in ways that you won’t even know. As a result, you’ll run for things that let you escape these situations. The most obvious choice for any of Us are sugar loaded food items. Wait! Stop!

1. Anxious hunger

Anxiety causes release of a stress hormone called cortisol in your body. In the earlier years, it might have helped you save yourself from harm but now-a-days, most of the hormone only helps in weight gain. There are several harms it does to your body, these include no production of insulin, messing up with those hormones that control your hunger, and disturbs your metabolism- and makes you a lot hungrier. 

2. Calorie loaded treats

Are you dying for a big piece of cake? The world would have been a much better place to live if stress pushes you towards healthier food. Cortisol in your body wants you to have calorie loaded foods. After you eat them, your the body releases dopamine, which is also known as the ‘feel good hormone’. That’s the reason you feel better after eating such food. However, the fact remains that your problems don’t vanish with such food. No doubt, your body feels good for a few minutes but remember, your problems are still living with you, now with additional guilt.

3. Disturbed sleep

 With so much to take care of,  getting a sound sleep isn’t in your priority list. Moreover, the cortisol in your body makes it harder for you to sleep. Your hunger hormones don’t like your disturbed sleep pattern. You end up eating more the very next day. This is not the end, your body is not at all efficient at metabolizing the extra calories.

4.   Increase in waist

Stress helps your body activate store fat, specifically the belly fat. And you can even thank cortisol for that as well. Cortisol can be easily cleared by fat cells especially around your middle. Therefore, you’ve more cortisol, you need more fat cells. This creates a vicious circle that results in extra pudge which can be difficult to get rid off. We know  you are super busy but nothing is and nothing can be more important than you. So, always take out time for yourself.

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