How To Shed Your Post Pregnancy Weight?

Do you want to lose your post pregnancy weight? Are you finding it tough? Don’t worry, what you’re feeling is very common and you have more company than you think. Don’t stress! You’ll eventually come in your pre-pregnancy shape. No matter whether you had a normal delivery or a c-section, you can start your mild workout after a week of delivery. Mild workout here doesn’t mean going to the gym or anything of that sort. It simply means, you can start with your baby’s everyday work. Try to do little things like changing nappies to washing them. You’ll move for these and your muscles will work.  Follow the below given simple and effective tips to shed your post pregnancy weight.

1. Walk: Walk whenever and as much as you can. You can begin with light walking once in a day and slowly make it two times a day. For just post delivery, a 30 minute light paced walk is enough.

2. Track your calories: You are not supposed to diet but tracking your calorie intake can help. Generally, at this stage you need about 1800 calories. Eat fruits or seeds whenever you feel hungry. This will help in better supply of milk without adding more calories.

3. Wise food choices: Choose your food wisely like brown rice, oats, salads, soups etc because these are healthy and won’t add extra calories.

4. Be hydrated: Drink lots and lots of water as it helps to burn your calories and keeps your skin tight and healthy.

5. Massage: Massage your tummy area with any good lotion or oil. It will help in increasing your blood flow and will tighten your skin.

6. Postpartum yoga: The yoga poses you can practice are:

• Bridge pose

• Cobra pose

• Suryanamaskar

• Child pose

• Tree pose

• Warrior pose

• Seated twist

7. Be optimistic: It took nine months to gain this much weight. So, it will not go away in the blink of an eye. Relax! It may take a bit long but it’ll go. Just don’t lose hope and never stop making efforts from your side. 

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