How to stay motivated for a long time during a weight loss journey?

There are some common difficulties during weight loss journey but not giving up at that time is the only solution. Motivation is a subjective term and it means different for different people. So, what will give you motivation depends on nobody else but you and the reason for your weight loss. Don’t forget to take suggestions from your doctor before beginning the diet plan.

Some of the tips you can follow to stay motivated:

1. SMART goals

Goals are very important for a successful weight loss journey.  The acronym SMART means

  • Specific– Set clear and not vague goals, e.g. I will walk for 2 km every day rather than I will go for a walk.
  • Measurable– You should be able to easily monitor your goals, e.g. how many km you walk in a day.
  • Attainable– Break your goals into smaller steps to make them achievable e.g. you want to walk 2 km every day but you aren’t able to, so start with 500 meters and then increase.
  • Relevant– Ensure your smaller goals are compatible with your main goal of weight loss e.g. eventually increasing your exercise time.
  • Time-bound– Never set a goal without a deadline. This way you’re accountable to yourself e.g. if you start your walk with 500 meters, make sure you start with 1 km the next month.

2. Mindfulness

The term mindfulness means taking note of your thoughts and feelings. Your bodily processes are affected by these. You can use mindfulness to make healthy food choices and build healthy habits. The reason is very simple, you need to slow down, admit your feelings, and focus.


3. Modify your environment

Your environment should stimulate your weight loss journey. You can do this by:

  • Fill your fridge with fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Keep your workout clothes ready before going to bed. This will not only save your time in the morning but will also motivate you.
  • Go to eating joints where lots of healthy food options are available.
  • Prepare a grocery shopping list before going shopping and stick to it while shopping. This will save you time and money as you’ll not buy any unhealthy food items.
4. Make your workout sessions fun

The bad thing about exercise is that it is difficult but the good thing is you don’t have to do it. Surprised? We only mean you don’t have to do exercises that you don’t feel comfortable with.

  • You feel like dancing, go for zumba.
  • You like the outdoors, go for a walk.
  • Try to mix and match different workouts to find the most suitable for you.
5. Keep a food diary

You are accountable to yourself and nobody else. So, when you write down what you eat, you can track your record and improve yourself. This also helps you spot what triggers you to eat unhealthy food and break from your healthy routine.

6. Forgive

Life is not a smooth ride. So is the case with your weight loss journey. There will be failures but there will be great victories too. Don’t ever forget you’re a human and you’ve your own set of limitations. Forgiving yourself during a setback is very important to go a long way. 

These simple and easy tips will let you stay motivated for a long time during weight loss.

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