How To Tone Your Arms Without A Gym?

Do you want to workout? Yes! Will you go to the gym? No! No need to worry. There are so many exercises which can be done without a gym. You can use your body weight or some household items or inexpensive equipment to perform such exercises.

The below given exercises help you to tone your arms without using weights. There is no need for much space or time. The things you need are focus and hard work. Your efforts will eventually give you results.

1. Triceps Dip

Get a couch, bench or a chair and you’re good to go. For triceps, mix and match what you use to get a variety of motions and an awesome burn. Ensure your lower back and butt are close to the chair. This will maximize the benefits.

Do you wish to increase the burn? Mix and match the tempo and go for some fast and slow triceps dips.

2. 2-2-2 Push ups

You can do this on your knees if you need to. This exercise means 3 rounds of 2 push-ups where you’ll use different hand placements: wide, regular and narrow. The narrow push-ups benefit your triceps more and wider ones benefit your chest more. When you do this on your knees, don’t let your thighs touch the mat.

3. Triceps Kick Back

Use water bottles, cans or weights for this exercise. You need a strong mind-muscle connection to perform this move- focus on the muscle!

Bend while standing. Slightly bend your knees and keep your back straight. Row the arms in keeping the elbows locked on the side of your upper body. Take your weights up and down without moving the elbows. Do this move controlled and slow.

4. Shoulder Press

This exercise can be done while sitting, standing or balancing on a single leg to strengthen your core more. You burn more calories when you bang more for your buck. Lower the elbows a bit below your shoulder height. Make sure you press your arms or weights up a little in front of the forehead behind the head. Your hands should be visible even without lifting your head up.

5. Single-Arm Resisted Biceps Curl

For this exercise, your weight is the other hand. You need to give resistance to your bicep while you take it upwards and while bringing it downwards. Pressure applied on the way down is called negative. This is a very effective training technique for the muscles. Just like any other bicep curl, make sure your elbow is locked closer to your upper body.

6. Double-Arm Biceps Curls

Don’t have weights for this exercise? No worries! Get your hands on canned food, water bottles or anything of this sort available in your surroundings. 

Keep your elbows close to your upper body. Your shoulders need to be down and away from the ears to get maximum work done by the biceps during this move.

7. Up Downs

This is a great exercise for the abs and upper body also. The more muscles you use, the more calories you burn. 

Make sure your core is engaged throughout the exercise so that your feet, hips and shoulders are in a line. Moreover, ensure your elbows or hands (depending on the up and down part of the exercise) are directly under your shoulder. At least try to stop yourself from swaying side-to-side when you perform this exercise.

8. Step Climbers

You can make this exercise easy or tough by choosing low or high steps. Just like triceps dip, a couch, step, chair or stair can be used for this exercise. Ensure your core is engaged throughout the exercise and don’t let the butt peak too much in the air.

9. Bent Over Wide Row

This exercise targets the back of your shoulders, also called rear delts. So many people focus on the front (anterior) and side (lateral) of their shoulders but ignore the rear delts. Make sure when you pull up your elbows, they are in line with the shoulders and create a “t” shape.

10. Front-To-Side Raise

Use any sort of weights for this exercise. Even if you have no weights, it is still ok. This move will help you a lot if you focus on mind-body connection. Just raise your arms to the height of your shoulders and don’t go high.


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