Quick And Simple Workouts To Do While Travelling

Can you workout without a gym or the equipment? Is it possible to remain in shape away from home? Of course yes! God gifted you a  beautiful body. Use it to workout.

Let’s see how:

1. Workout for 20 minutes in a hotel room

  • 20 repetitions of bodyweight squats
  • 15 repetitions of incline push-ups
  • Keep your feet on floor and set your hands on the edge of the desk or bed
  • 10 repetitions One-arm luggage rows
  • For each arm, use your luggage as weight
  • 10 repetitions of reverse crunches


2. Beginner bodyweight workout

  • 20 repetitions of repetitions bodyweight squats
  • 10 repetitions of push-ups
  • 10 repetitions of each leg for walking lunges
  • 10 repetitions  of each arm for Dumbbell rows
  • Use your laptop bag or luggage
  • Planks 
  • Hold for 15 seconds
  • 30 repetitions of jumping jacks

3. The playground workout

  • 20 repetitions of alternating step-ups
  • 10 repetitions of elevated push-ups
  • 10 repetitions of swing rows
  • 10 repetitions of bent leg reverse crunches

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