What Are The Different Types Of Pilates?

Pilates usually target your core to make more sculpted muscles and stronger body but no extra bulk. Consequently, you get a sleek and toned body. These exercises with controlled movements will help you get a better posture by strengthening your trunk and abs. 

You can see positive results in your health and fitness in 10 to 12 weeks. However, the secret ingredient is regularity because irregularity will not yield any results.

Regularity, practice, and discipline are the most essential factors to keep in mind when you do Pilates to enhance physical health and fitness.

The Main Types of Pilates

In case you are confused about which Pilates class to join, you can easily decide after knowing the different types of Pilates what are the similarities and differences among them. After you have a deep knowledge about different types, you can simply choose the best suited for you.

1. Mat Pilates

This is the easiest type of Pilates. It is done on the floor itself and there is no need for any other equipment. It is generally done as a group activity. The goal is to develop strength from your core. 

2. Contemporary Pilates

This is a combination of various types of Pilates exercises with some other exercise forms like yoga, physiotherapy and fitness training. You may also need foam rollers, resistance bands and balls.

3. Group Reformer Pilates

It works on your full body, dynamic on equipment, called the Reformer.

The focus of the group reformer Pilates is flow of the exercise. You do a series of exercises with reformer equipment. Such exercises increase your strength, flexibility, and physical balance.

4. Clinical Pilates

This has become very trendy these days because it is assumed to be associated with the medical profession. On the other hand, the name is misleading as people get confused about clinical pilates and classic pilates. Here, Pilates equipment is used to treat an injury.

The approach doesn’t contain the holistic nature of Pilates. It is just successful in providing basic rehabilitation.

5. Classic Pilates

It has its foundation on the original Pilates which was designed in the 1920s. It is a great combination of mat and equipment workout. The exercise includes your whole body.

The best part is it helps in strengthening your core and other muscles.

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