Do You Want To Cheat On Your Diet?

Will you feel guilty? No! Will you still lose weight? Yes! Most of you think following a diet plan means saying no to your favorite food. However, this type of thinking and weight loss plan will only lead to fixating on forbidden food, more cravings and abandoning goals. You can even eat cake when on a diet only if you cheat on your diet the right way.

You all can follow a forbidden diet plan for a short time but sooner or later, you’ll break down and indulge yourself in overeating the forbidden food. So, here are some tips for sensible cheating:

1. Accept your cravings

It’s a proven fact that whenever you’re told not to do something, you want to do it even more. Same happens when you’re told not to eat your favorite food, you want to eat it more and more. So, you need to accept this.

2. Eat more filling foods

Include lots of fiber and lean protein in your diet. Add low fat dairy products, seafood, lean meat, salads, soups, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and eggs as these foods fill you for a long time. However, don’t forget to plan healthy snacksso you don’t go hungry for long periods .


 3. Enjoy with all your senses

When you eat your favorite food, serve it on a beautiful plate with a colorful garnish. Appreciate how nice your favorite food looks. Now, eat it slowly by taking small bites. This way you can enjoy the taste and have a satisfying and mindful experience. When you are more aware of what is on your plate and eat it slowly, you feel more satisfied with less food.

4. Make a plan

If you are craving for a dessert and go out to have it. You should look at the dessert section in the first place. So that you don’t forget why you came and what your end goal is. Keeping your end goal in mind will help you say no to butter chicken or extra cheesy pizza and say yes to soups or salads.

5. Make it yourself

Do you hate your morning coffee without a donut? Try making it yourself. Use whole grain flour, nuts, and oats. Whatever you love eating, make it yourself. It will give you a chance to find healthier ingredients and you can also enhance the taste according to your liking.

6. Get away

How many times has it happened to you that you ate your meal in front of your TV and you didn’t even realize how much you ate. Or you were sitting so close to the kitchen or the fridge that it was so easy for you to fill up your plate multiple times? Go away from the things that stimulate overeating in you. 

7. Eat what you love in small quantities

You can eat everything but not in one day. No food is too bad if you keep your limits reasonable. Instead of keeping big bars of dark chocolates in your freezer, keep small packs or break the big bar into pieces. This way you can satisfy your sweet tooth without consuming too much.

8. Compromise

If you feel your weekend is incomplete without your creamy chicken salad or a tub of ice-cream, enjoy it. But, cut the calories by replacing the cream with yogurt    or  unsweetened tub of ice-cream. Compromises are so empowering.

9. Make small changes

Can’t you live without  a  dessert after your dinner? No worries! Don’t leave it. Just add a walk in your routine after your dessert. A pizza slice and cola is your staple diet for lunch? Enjoy every bite of it but four days a week rather than five. Small steps lead to big results. You just have to find what works best for you.

10. Don’t let a little slip become a backslide

It is almost impossible to follow a diet plan without slipping. After all, we are humans! Slipping is fine until you want to stay up there. Whenever you slip, note down what led you there and how you can prevent the same thing from happening in the future. Don’t forget to come back to your diet without wasting any time.          

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