Exercise During Pregnancy

Following  a daily exercise routine throughout the nine months of your pregnancy can help you keep  healthy and make you feel best. Exercise makes your posture to get better and reduce some common discomforts such as fatigues and backaches. Evidence show it may save you from gestational diabetes (diabetes which develop during pregnancy), decreases stress, and  increases stamina required for labor and delivery.

Women who were physically active prior to their pregnancy, they should continue their activity with modifications as required. The women can exercise on their previous pace with the approval of your doctor. They should choose low impact aerobics rather than high impact. Make sure your heart beat doesn’t go beyond 140 beats a minutes. 

In case you haven’t done any exercise before you got pregnant, you can start an exercise routine during pregnancy as well but after consulting your doctor. However, don’t try for a laborious activity. Swimming and walking are considered safe option to began with during pregnancy. Moderate exercise for 30 minutes or more on most if not all days of the week is recommended if you don’t face a obstetric or medical complication.

Who should Not Exercise?

Women who experience a medical condition, like heart disease, Type1 diabetes and asthma aren’t advised to exercise. Exercise may prove to be more harmful than beneficial for women suffering from obstetric conditions like:

  • Bleeding or spotting
  • Weak cervix

Don’t do aerobics if you have:

  • Restrictive lung disease
  • Multiple gestation

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