Honey: All You Need To Know

You all know you should consume white sugar in less quantity, but can honey be its alternative? No doubt honey is more natural and less refined than white sugar, but it is still loaded with calories. Therefore, it is only a bit healthier than white sugar.

Your diet needs to contain high sugar foods only in small quantities. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to function normally and sugar doesn’t contain any of these but only calories. The problem with honey is it contains almost 55% fructose. There are studies that conclude that if you consume fructose in large quantities; it leads to various health concerns, including heart and liver diseases and obesity.

How Many Calories?

Honey is no exception when it comes to calories. It contains as many calories as any other sweetener. A single teaspoon of honey has 22 calories in it whereas a single teaspoon of sugar has 16 calories in it. So, we can conclude honey actually contains more calories than sugar. However, it isn’t more fattening than sugar as it contains almost the same amount of calories as sugar.


Though honey is a fattening food yet it contains some nutrition that isn’t found in white sugar. It has vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and vitaminB6 but it only contains traces of these and you can not solely rely on honey to fulfill your daily requirements. Due to these traces you can say honey is a better option than sugar but you can not say it’s a healthy option. Calling honey a magical food is unscientific and mythical. Do not forget, it only contains 2% vitamins.  

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