How Sugar Harms Your Body?

Do you also feel ignoring sweet tooth is difficult at times? But, sugar impacts you in drastic ways. 

There are ample calories sugar provides. Therefore, a sugar loaded diet most of the time is full of so many calories. This causes a lot of health problems including weight gain.

What ways does sugar impact your health?

Prolonged intake of sugar in solid and liquid form leads to insulin resistance and slowly to type 2 diabetes.

There are no vitamins and minerals except carbohydrates in sugar. We need nutrients to metabolize our food. Sugar consumes all the nutrients already present in our body but without giving any nutrients.

Which are the areas sugar adversely affects?

  • Joint pain – Inflammation is caused by sugar. This makes pain worse.
  • Teeth – Sugar plays a major role in cavities (if you don’t take proper care of your teeth).
  • Liver – Sugar gets converted by liver into fat. If the lever has to perform so many functions, some of the fat may remain in the liver causing fatty liver.
  • Pancreas – Huge sugar intake leads to insulin resistance. As a result, pancreas have to work hard.
  • Kidneys – Sugar increases the risk of kidney diseases.

Heart – A diet loaded with fat and sugar can decrease to and from blood flow. 

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