Make Women Health A Priority

How many of you take the childhood slogan “Health Is Wealth” seriously? Are you also one of those women who have their health as the last priority? It’s time you set your priorities right and this blog will explain why.

A woman has to bear the burden of so many relationships and roles in her entire life – a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, professional to name a few. These are culturally neutral and every woman has to perform some or all of these roles around the globe.  

With education and determination, women have created a path for themselves. Now, you can find them in each and every profession. Nonetheless, it has added more work and responsibilities in their lives. No matter at what position you’re in your professional life, you have to be a good homemaker as well. Women feel exhausted all the time while maintaining a balance between the two. We live in a patriarchal society. That’s the reason women have more workload than males. 

So, the question is what you should do?

Live your life like this and become vulnerable to physical and mental illness?

Say a big NO!

Make your health a priority. Not doing so will result in various diseases and risks. This is the last thing you want for yourself.

1. Eliminate things that cause stress or avoid them.

  2. Even 10 minutes of yoga or meditation helps you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

3. Quit sugar loaded food right now.

4. Include fresh fruits in your diet. Take home cooked food only. Say no to junk and processed food.

 5. Take out a minimum 30 minutes in a day for any sort of physical exercise.

6. Take your proper care during periods. If need arises, do consult a doctor.

7. Get enough sleep. It helps your body heal and repair. 

8. Increase your water intake.

9. Never skip your meals. 

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