Never Skip Your Breakfast

Why Is Breakfast So Important?

You all know breakfast is said to be the most important meal for you every day. However, how many of you know why it is said so? Having nutritious food as the first meal of the day gives your metabolism a kickstart and acts as a fuel for your brain and body as well. Apart from nutritional benefits, it also plays a role in your physical activities and mental readiness.

Why Is Breakfast Considered Main Meal Of The Day?

 Your overall well-being and health improves manifold when you eat nutritious breakfast on a daily basis. This will in turn enhance your performance at school, college or work.  According to studies, breakfast has many advantages, like:

  • Motivates you for healthy eating: People who eat breakfast will probably consume less saturated fat and more milk compared to those who skip it. Most likely, you’ll eat your recommended level of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Balances your blood sugar: Your body breaks down blood sugar or glucose in a better way with the help of breakfast. 
  • Arouse metabolism: You’ll unknowingly avoid weight gain as the right type of breakfast burns your calories the whole day.
  • Increases energy level: You’ll be able to perform your daily physical activities with increased energy.
  • Healthy heart: Skipping breakfast increases the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol etc.
  • Stimulates brain: It stabilizes glucose level in your body and helps you concentrate.

What Constitutes A Healthy Breakfast?

There is a difference between eating breakfast and eating a healthy breakfast. So, now the question arises: what is a healthy breakfast? For some, coffee and cookies are the best way to start their day but high-sugar food is never an alternative for a balanced meal. No matter how tasty these high sugar food items are, avoid them at all costs.

A good morning breakfast should include everything from whole grains, proteins, healthy fats to a fruit or a vegetable. Confused about what to eat? Some suggestions for you:

  • Nuts with yogurt
  • Whole grains and berries      
  • Eggs
  • Vegetable sandwich

What is the most appropriate time to eat your breakfast? It depends on your schedule and needs. Yet, as a thumb rule, there should only be a maximum of an hour’s gap between your waking up and breakfast.

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