What Are The Benefits Of BCAA?

1. BCAAs delay fatigue during long workout sessions

BCAAs prevent the start of peripheral and central fatigue during long workout sessions. This helps you stay strong for a long time. Peripheral fatigue is when your muscles are tired. This fatigue is delayed because BCAAs serve as an extra source of energy during long workout sessions. When your body has used all its stored glycogen, your muscles can get power from BCAAs. Central fatigue is when your brain is tired. BCAAs may also prevent this because it stops the amino acid tryptophan from going into your brain. This tryptophan acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is a central fatigue substance. This produces a feeling of sleepiness and relaxation.

2. BCAAs enhances performance when taken on a regular basis

Everyone knows a small increase in performance can make a huge difference in any athlete’s life. In a study, trained cyclists were given 12 grams of BCAA everyday for 10 weeks. The results showed a 19% hike in all-out sprint peak power and a 4% hike in average power in relation to body mass when compared to the control group.

3. BCAAs strengthen the immune system

High volume and intense training for days and weeks can result in immune suppression, fatigue, and overtraining in case an athlete is not properly recovered between training bouts. 12 grams of BCAAs on a daily basis for a long time has improved the immune response in weeks of intense endurance training in cyclists. But how? Researchers concluded immune cells use BCAAs in the gut as a fuel resource. With this, the immune system is able to regenerate itself more effectively and save itself from harmful pathogens. A healthy immune system helps in recovery and you’re less likely to fall sick.

4. BCAAs protect lean muscle

According to studies, BCAAs preserve muscle mass in extreme catabolic situations characterized by muscle wasting and protein breakdown like high altitude mountaineering and ultra marathons. When you exercise, muscle protein breakdowns, especially there is an increase of BCAA breakdown for energy. When you provide your body with supplement BCAA, the chances of your body using its own stores of amino acids or proteins are less. You can regard them as an insurance policy to your muscles.

5. BCAAs supports muscle protein synthesis

This is the top reason why weight lifters choose BCAAs. Leucine is most important to start muscle protein synthesis (MPS). This muscle protein synthesis is needed for muscle building. 2 to 3 grams of leucine daily (based on body weight) is usually considered effective to fully stimulate MPS. This is often called the leucine threshold. Dairy products and whey specifically contain high amounts of BCAA.

6. BCAAs decreases muscle damage and soreness due to exercise

Taking BCAAs before and after exercise may decrease the intensity and duration of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), it is a painful sensation which lasts for many days after an unaccustomed and intense exercise bout. Some other studies also show BCAA decreases muscle damage in endurance exercise as well as resistance training. In simple words, you can bounce back quickly and experience less muscle  soreness.   

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