What happens to your body when you quit sugar?

Are you determined to leave sugar? Do you think eliminating sugar from your life and diet is easy? Your answers may be yes but kicking off sugar is extremely challenging, no matter how determined you are. Sugar tricks your brain to want it more and more. But there is good news for you. A little sweetness is OK – don’t forget the word ‘little’. Women shouldn’t take more than six teaspoons of added sugar in a day. Natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables is good for you as they also contain minerals, fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. If you’re able to cut your added sugar intake,  be ready to receive some amazing health benefits. 

1. Be ready for a younger looking skin

Sugar in your blood is affected by sugar in your diet. According to studies, high blood sugar levels set up a molecular domino effect of glycation. Now what’s that? That is just a sophisticated word for a process which can obstruct the repair of your skin’s collagen, a protein that keeps your skin plump. You won’t believe but a sugar loaded diet can result in premature wrinkles and reduced elasticity. However, studies show you can lessen sagging and other signs of aging.

2. Score lasting energy

Added sugars are nothing else but simple carbohydrates. Therefore, you digest them quickly and enter your bloodstream fast, giving you a familiar rush. But once it gets metabolized, you feel a crash. You can get this rush throughout the day as sugar is hiding everywhere, from sauces to salad dressings. Include healthy fat and high in protein like a handful of almonds in the diet, you’ll get a steady supply of energy which lasts longer. 

3. Say goodbye to abdominal fat

Your daily sugary-soda can make you gain fat, especially on your tummy areas. But are you aware of the risk associated with this abdominal fat? Sugar increases your blood sugar, acting as a catalyst to a flood of insulin in your body. As the time passes, it encourages fat to store around your middle. This fat is known as visceral fat, these fat cells deep in the abdomen are very risky as these cells produce adipokines and adipose hormones. They create troubles when they reach your blood vessels and organs, they cause inflammation there. This inflammation can lead to cancer and heart disease. So, cut your sugar intake today and reduce your belly fat and avoid cancer and heart disease.

4. Drop some extra pounds

High levels of insulin not only add pounds to your stomach but fat cells work on your whole body into calorie-storage overdrive. When you replace refined carbs and sugars with healthy fats in your daily diet, it will help you keep your insulin levels stable. This way, less calories are stored as fat. Consequently, your hunger decreases, metabolism increases and your weight loss journey becomes easier.       

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