What Is Mind-Muscle Connection And Why Do You Need It?

Can your muscles or joints work without your mind? Will you be able to do anything without your muscles? The answer to both questions is a big NO. You are probably aware of the fact that your brain controls each and every muscle and joint of your body. But, do you know there is a proper term for this process? Scientifically, this process is called mind-muscle connection. 

You can explain mind-muscle connection as your ability to focus on engaging a single muscle, just like “flexing” without you actually making any large body movements. Will you be able to contract your pectoral muscle individually? There are many people who can perform push ups or bench press, yet they lack the mind-muscle connection to contract a single muscle while standing. Improving and using your mind-muscle connection more and more is the key to get maximum results from your workout sessions.      

What is the Importance of Mind-Muscle Connection?

The most important thing is a strong mind-muscle connection decreases the chances of you getting injured. No injuries mean you’ll get better results from your workouts as you’ll not waste time resting. Faulty muscle-mind connection implies lack of awareness. More awareness about your body and its movement reduces risk of injuries. 

  The most fascinating thing about muscle-mind connection is that it maximizes the benefits you get from your workouts, specifically strength training workouts. This is so because improved mind-muscle connections make sure you fire the right muscles during workouts. This means, you’ll use your glutes and hamstrings for deadlifts instead of your quads.

Mind-muscle connection can even start to work without you actually moving a muscle. You can consciously focus on a muscle and get it contracted but studies show just thinking of contracting a muscle, activates few muscle fibers. So, literally muscle movement and strengthening starts in your brain. If you are thinking mind-muscle connection only helps in lifting weight, you are highly mistaken. It helps you in a variety of ways ranging from playing with your pets, yard work to cardio exercises.

How to Use Mind-Muscle Connection

1. Vacant your head before workouts

  Do whatever it takes to increase your focus before workouts. When your mind wanders here and there, you’ll be unable to connect with your body, therefore you’ll fail to connect to a specific muscle that you want to use to its full potential. Meditating for a few minutes before workout or just taking a few deep breaths to calm you down will be worth it in the long run.

2. Proper warm up

You can increase your connection to specific muscles by adding muscle activation exercises to your warmup. For example, add step-ups or bridges to prime your glutes for weighted squats.

3. Imagine the muscles you’re using

Picture whichever muscles you’re using during an exercise. If you don’t know where the actual position of the muscle is, search it on the internet or books to give yourself a reference.

4. Use your hands

Use your hand to tap on a specific muscle. It’ll help you feel and utilize the specific muscle. Tap on a muscle or an area of your body using light to moderate pressure at a fast tempo.   

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