What To Use Instead Of Gym Equipments?

There are so many benefits of working out at home – no traffic, no time constraint, and a couch you can throw yourself at when you’re done. Though, there are some disadvantages also, particularly if you’re struggling with a makeshift gym situation. Biggest problem is arranging small gym accessories which help take your workouts to a new level. 

Use the below given household items to solve your problem of arranging small gym accessories:

1. Weighted Vest – A Filled Backpack

A weighted vest gives a bit more weight to your body. It quickly increases your heart rate, makes you work more, uses your muscles in a better way, and usually helps you make full use of your workout. When you’re at home, a very easy alternative is a filled backpack. You can wear it on your back or on your front. Use it during your daily workout until there is no pain or discomfort. Wear it to work out your squats or glutes on your house or apartment stairs. This will give you a bit of cardio also. 

Filling tip: Use books or water bottles.

2. Dumbbells – Bags Full of Rice/Water Bottles

Bags full of rice are a great substitute for light weight dumbbells. Another option is filled water bottles. With dumbbells, you generally take a 1 second pause but with these, take a 3 seconds pause. Make each repetition a bit slower and concentrated. This creates more impact with every movement. 

3. Resistance Bands – Tied Leggings

Tied leggings offer sufficient flexibility to produce little tension for specific movements. You can keep the loop above your knees for hip thrusts, or you can keep  any end of the loop straight in front of you and reach outward in butt kicks or high knees.

4. Medicine Ball – Big Sport Ball

For an alternative of light weight medicine ball, any big sport ball will work. This includes volleyball, basketball, or a soccer ball. These may not be the heaviest yet they’ll do the required job perfectly, no matter you’re working your legs, abs, arms, or focusing on balancing.

5. Heavy Medicine Ball – Box of Laundry Detergent

A box of laundry detergent is the best replacement for a heavy medicine ball. It helps you to do overhead sit ups or Russian twists. Use it in a side plank, and work your shoulders and core simultaneously. Keep the jug to one side of your body and then try to reach it with the opposite arm. It makes a great kettlebell swap as well.

6. Bench Press – Big Packets of Pet Food

Use a big, heavy packet of pet food/grains for a bench press, barbell curls, deadlifts, squats, or overhead extensions. Ensure you try to distribute the weight equally. If its lopsided, shift shifts in the middle of your repetitions. 

7. Gliders – Paper Plates

Fitness gliders are simply plastic discs. These are mostly used for core during floor exercises. Paper or plastic plates are highly recommended for abs and leg workouts if you can’t get hold of fitness gliders.

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