Which Are The Best Exercises To Do During Your Periods?

Periods are the cause of chaos for majority of women, especially if you experience painful cramps during your periods. All you want to do is sit comfortably on your bed with a warm water bottle beside you. At this time, you are at your lowest physical activity point, but exercise is exactly what you need to do

 that time. People have so many wrong notions regarding exercises during the periods but it has proven to be quite beneficial at that time. It reduces several symptoms related to your cycle. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Headache
  • Stomach upset – nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea
  • Mood swings
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability 

According to research, these symptoms are caused due to hormonal and physical changes in your body. Exercises can maintain these changes and increase the production of endorphin, which is a feel good hormone and reduces symptoms related to periods.

Best Exercises For Periods:

The first few days are difficult because of heavy bleeding and abdominal cramps. Here, exercises can act as a savior for you. Some of the simple and easy exercises to keep you happy and healthy are:

1. Walking

A simple, light walk is the best exercise for your periods. This low intensity aerobic exercise allows your lungs to function properly later in your menstrual cycle. This will also help in burning your calories and uplift your mood. Your body will raise the production of endorphins with these light movements.

2. Running

Yes, you read it right ! When you are in the later days of your cycle or when you only experience mild symptoms, you can go out and run. Go for slow running and whenever you feel uncomfortable, please take breaks. Running helps in decreasing your irritability and pain very quickly. However, don’t forget to keep yourself properly hydrated.

3. Yoga

You can relax your irritable and cranky mood just by a few breathing and stretching exercises. There so many yoga poses that help increase your blood circulation. Science has proved yoga helps ease your body tension and gives you relief from your period symptoms like bloating and cramps.

4. Pilates

This is the most trending workout currently. It makes you calm and healthy and it also relaxes your body. Pilates target specific group of muscles, so you can customize your workout according to your requirements. It builds a core strength which can lower the intensity of your cramps.

5. Light lifting

If you are not able to go at a gym or for a walk, then at least do some sort of light lifting in your home. Do power-based moves and light lifting, this will help in increasing your muscle strength and flexibility.

6. Stretching

Simple stretches at home can give you more benefits than you think. If you don’t feel like or you don’t have energy to do any other exercises, at least try some simple stretching. Practice deep breathing while stretching. It helps you relax your body.

7. Dancing

Dance is an enjoyable activity which can uplift your mood in an instance and helps you burn some extra calories as well. So, don’t wait for anything and enroll yourself for a Zumba.

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