Which Food Items You Should Avoid During Your Periods?

There are some food items that exaggerate PMS symptoms, on the other hand there are some food items that reduce PMS symptoms.

1. Avoid  Caffeine

 Caffeine can raise your heart rate and blood pressure. These can make your PMS symptoms from bad to worse.

If you drink coffee on a regular basis, you should opt for some other alternative during that time of the month.

2. Take it easy on the salt

Salt can enhance water retention in your body. This may cause bloating. Go for some easy and healthy snacks rather than highly processed and salty foods.

3. Say no to processed food

Though, you should follow this advice throughout your life but this is strictly needed during your periods. Food items containing unhealthy fats or sugar in large amounts can impact your natural hormone balance.

In case you are craving for something sweet, choose fruits, oats cake or some other healthy dessert.

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