Which Lower-Body Bodyweight Exercises You Should Do?

Do you know humans are exercising with their body weight for thousands of years? Is it for good? Absolutely yes! One, your bodies are always available, two, it’s very useful.

Strength training is of utmost importance. It acts as a strong foundation which allows you to do your daily tasks such as lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, and sometimes as simple as picking something from the floor. It’s an amazing tool to keep your bodies feel young for a long time.

Training is significantly advantageous for your mental health as well because it is linked with better sleep, less anxiety and depression symptoms, increased self-esteem and more.

These legs bodyweight workouts will help you build that foundation. This foundation will in turn make and keep your movements safer, stronger, and healthier.

1. Bodyweight Squat

Squats can be termed as bodyweight training’s golden moves. Though it works on your calves, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core but you need your full body support to perform them. Let us the correct way to do these: 

Stand straight. Your feet should be a bit wider than hip-width. Bend your knees to the point your thighs become parallel to the floor and then straighten your knees. You need a lot of lower body strength to do these.

Ensure your entire body weight is in your heels all the time. Slightly lifting your toes off the floor helps you in this move. While bending your knees, take your hips back. Make sure you’re bending your knees straight forward. Always remember, your knees shouldn’t go in front of the toes. Stand straight with shoulders back and chest up. 

It’s fine if you can’t get your thighs parallel yet. The best way to start is by taking help from a chair. Sit on it before you stand up.

2. Single-Leg Squat Alternative

This needs more practice. You just have to do and keep in mind whatever you learnt in the above point but the twist is you’ve to do all that on a single leg. Keep your raised leg straight in the front direction. This will make you feel the effort you put.

Chair is a must here (in the beginning, you can remove it once you gain confidence) because to know when to stand up and maintaining balance on one leg is extremely difficult. Chair helps to extend your straight so that you maintain better balance. However, don’t let your torso go down.

3. Sumo Squat

Wow! One more squat variation! Now, you  must have understood how good squats are for your entire body. This also targets all the muscles just any other squat type, plus the muscles of your inner thighs and extra focus on your glutes.

For this, stand in a position where your feet are wider than width apart. Now, do the normal type of squats.

4. Lunge

Lunges are an amazing leg exercise as they not only need lots of muscle strength but also a proper balance. Once you’re trained, you can move with more power and grace. Lunges have so many variations but here, our focus will be on the conventional forward lunge. This bodyweight quad exercise uses all types of muscles but their major focus are quads. These are important to have a strong base for almost all physical activities.

Stand with your feet together. Take one foot forward. Let your core hold your torso straight. Put your weight on your front foot and bend that knee. Do these until your front thigh becomes parallel to the floor. Just like squats, make sure your bent knee over the toes. Give pressure on the front heel while coming back up. Repeat it on the other leg.      

5. Step-Ups

Here, you don’t work down, rather you work up. Get a low-lying chair or table. Keep your one foot on it. With the second leg step on it and then come down. It may sound simple but it is not. This move really gets complicated once you take all your weight on the front foot.

Just like lunges, these also need so much core strengthening and balance. Therefore, it is advisable to begin with a very low-lying chair or table. Eventually, you can increase the height.

6. Romanian Deadlifts

Don’t back out just by reading the name. The name is much more difficult than the name.

In a traditional Deadlift, you put a barbell on the floor, come down, pick it up and then keep it down again. In Romanian Deadlift, you stand straight, go down and stand up again.

All these exercises are a perfect recipe for a whole leg workout. Always go slow in the beginning, don’t lose focus on the form and enjoy the session. 

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