Why is exercise during your periods a good idea?

Confused if working out on your periods? We get that. When you have a really bad period and you don’t even have a pinch of energy in your body, cosying on your sofa feels much more tempting than going to gym.

But what would you do if you were told exercising during your periods can give you relief from some of your period symptoms? Not only this, it is also good for your overall health.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Exercising Over Your Periods?

There are no studies yet that have concluded health risks or negative effects of exercising on your periods. According to a study conducted by Umea University, Sweden, when you train in the first two weeks of your menstrual cycle (your cycle starts from the first day of your periods) maximizes your result.

Now that you are no more confused, let’s see in detail how exercising during periods will benefit you:

1. Lifts your mood and fight PMS

Experiencing mood swings or PMS before your periods is not a thumb rule. It simply means few of you might not feel anything at all whereas others start feeling low even before their periods start or during their periods.

No matter you experience extreme PMS or you do not experience an inch of it, move your body and let your body flow some endorphins. The endorphins that are released during and after the exercises activate a positive feeling in your body. The feeling is that of morphins.

Studies suggest the connection between benefits of physical activities and mental health. These studies conclude that exercising lifts your mood and reduces the level of depression. So, why not implement these in your fight against pre-period blues?

2. Increases blood circulation and relax menstrual cramps

Does exercise relax your cramps? Yes! The endorphins your body release during and after exercises lower the perception of pain and when your body moves, your blood circulation increases. This helps lower menstrual cramps.

Anxiety and stress are also lowered when you exercise. This in turn reduces the severity of your menstrual cramps. All these are connected. 

3. Beats headaches and fatigue

The perfect time to go for a walk, a yoga class or gym is when you’re litteraly feeling low on energy. Yes, it’s a contradiction but it works without a doubt.

The initial 10 minutes are tough but if you survive these and continue, your blood circulation will increase and your heart muscles will be activated. As a consequence, you’ll feel more energetic and comb at your tiredness.

Your body needs more sleep and rest during the first days of your periods. So, make sure you keep a balance between rest and exercise.

4. Regulates irregular periods

In case your periods are irregular or they are overdue, exercising can bring them back on track. Take a healthy diet and be physically active before you expect your period, it will help in regularity of your periods. 


If you are willing to exercise during your periods, there is no scientific reason to stop you. Enjoy your exercises and win over your period problems like tiredness, period cramps, and PMS.

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