Will Carbs Make You Fat?

Are you confused about carbohydrates? Do they scare you? Are they bad? Are they unhealthy? Will they make you fat? There is nothing new in this discussion. The scenario was the same with fat at one point of time. 

Fortunately, you can eat carbs. They’ll not make you gain weight. Yet, there are some details you need to know. These will help you in your weight loss journey.

Why Do People Regard Carbs Bad?

The simplest answer is that the yummy foods we avoid during weight loss are carbohydrates. Cakes, candies, or anything else you can remember, sugary sodas, and even sugar for that matter fall into the category of carbohydrates.

There are limits to how many such foods you can consume and trust me it’s not zero. However, the more you consume these foods, the more you’ll put on pounds. But, fruits and vegetables, lentils, oats and grains, and quinos are also included in carbohydrates.

The goal is not to eliminate carbs from your diet but to make sure you enjoy eating what you love, stress less, and maintain your weight.

Can a Higher-Carb Diet Be Healthy?

A healthy diet can not but should include carbs. Carbs fuel many essential processes in your body like:

  • Powers your brain and heart.
  • Fuels anaerobic activities through glycolysis
  • Helps in recovery by restocking glycogen after hard workout
  • Supports an anabolic (muscle-building) environment after workout

So, we can conclude carbs aren’t bad, no matter what your activity level is. However, you need to eat them in ways so they increase your activity level. This will not let excess carbs gain you weight. Some people need more carbs and others don’t. The carbs you need are based on your activity level.

You can be healthy on a higher carbs diet and comfortably have some carbs without guilt or without fear of gaining weight.

What Do You Mean By Healthy Carbs?

Fruits and vegetables are the easiest answer. The complex answer is you can consume any type of carb if you are aware how many carbs you actually need depending on your activity level. 

People who do regular exercise have different dietary needs compared to people who are inactive. There are even categories among people who do exercises. If you are someone who only performs low intensity exercises like walking, you won’t be able to burn many carbohydrates. In other words, if you don’t do higher intensity exercises or are irregular at it, you need fewer carbohydrates.

In case you are inactive, you only need enough carbohydrates to fuel your brain and central nervous system that is majorly maintained by your liver’s glycogen stores.

So, can you shift to an extremely low carb diet? Absolutely yes! But the majority of the people can’t sustain it and it doesn’t provide any superior fat burning.

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