Workout At Home Using Stairs

A good workout doesn’t need fancy and costly gym equipment. Additionally, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Make some quick and easy exercises part of your daily routine by just stepping on your stairs.

Research concludes climbing stairs helps tone and strengthen the muscles of your legs. It helps the arteries of your leg to get more flexible. This allows easy flow of blood. better flow of blood in your legs means a healthy heart and body.

Coming up and down the stairs for three minutes after a meal may help in controlling your blood sugar. Still feeling sleepy? A young woman can wake up better by climbing stairs rather than drinking coffee.

Just strolling up and down the stairs makes an aerobic workout. However, you can get more benefits by adding some balance and resistance related moves. Add the following stair exercises in your daily routine.

1. Stair Lunge

  • Stand straight. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Face in the opposite direction of the stairs
  • Take your right foot backwards. Rest in on a stair.
  • Inhale, bend the knees and bring your body down
  • Exhale, stretch your legs, and come back to the standing position
  • The front foot should be under your front knee. Don’t allow your knee to bend past your toes
  • Do the same with the other leg

2. Crab Walk

It starts at the start of the stairs.

  • Sit at the first step from the top. Place your feet two stairs down. Keep them at a shoulder-width distance
  • Take your arms behind you and keep them where you’re seated 
  • Tighten your glutes muscles and lift your hips
  • Place your hands firmly on the step so that your shoulders don’t rise upwards
  • Start crawling downwards. Move your arm and leg forward simultaneously to the below step
  • Go down as many stairs as you want

Want to make it more difficult? Start from the last stair and go upwards.

3. Stair Pushup

  • Place your hands firmly on a step. Keep them exactly under your shoulders
  • Push the toes in the ground and come in a plank position. Here, you’ll feel your core muscles working
  • Inhale and bend the elbows. Bring your body closer to the stairs
  • Exhale while you straighten your arms. Bring back your body to the initial position
  • Make sure your back and neck are in the neutral position while you do the exercise and keep your hips so they don’t drop

4. Step Up

  • Stand straight facing the stairs. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Tighten the core and keep the right foot on the step. Keep your spine tall
  • Let the right foot take your weight
  • Exhale, take your body on the step while giving whole weight on the right foot
  • Keep the left foot on the stair. Inhale and gradually take your right foot down
  • Bring your left foot down and come back in standing position
  • Do the same with both the legs

Want to make it more difficult? Take a weighted object or a dumbbell in the opposite hand of your stepping leg.

5. Stair Hops

  • Stand straight on the lowest stair. Keep your foot shoulder-width apart 
  • Look at the bottom of the stairs
  • Bend your knees and lower the back and the hips. Make sure you engage your core muscles.  
  • Now, jump forward
  • As you jump ad come down, bend the knees to take control
  • Swing your arms forward to maintain your balance
  • Your knees should be in line with the feet
  • Don’t allow the knees to collapse inward when you jump
  • Come back in the initial position and do again

6. Side Step

  • Stand and keep your feet parallel to the stairs. The right part of your body needs to be closest with the stairs
  • Use your stomach muscles to slightly bend your knees and hips
  • First take the right foot on the stair, then the left foot
  • Do this till you reach at the top stair
  • Always take the high foot first. Don’t allow your feet to be imbalance
  • Do the same while coming back down

7. Stair Crawl

  • Come on your fours at the bottom of the stairs
  • Keep your arms directly under the shoulders, knees directly under the hips and your feet on the floor
  • Slowly lift your toes and raise both the knees
  • Your back should be in a neutral position
  • Start crawling upstairs by simultaneously moving the opposite arm and the leg
  • Climb as many stairs as you want
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